messing with what works.

March 14, 2009

has anyone else noticed that with technology, it seems to go through 3 phases.  this is the same with company redesigns.

they starts with what works.  then they make it complicated, then they make it simple and copy the original design of what works.  like mcdonalds.  started with a simple design.  went through a redesign.  now back to emulating the original style.  most fast food places are doing this.  facebook.  started with what work.  brought in the new facebook that was complicated, but it worked.  and now went back to a more simple look, although not copying the original.

maybe i’m just stating the obvious, but i thought it was interesting.

oh yeah, one more.  coca cola, then they went to “the new coke”, and now back to “coca cola classic”.



does anyone else hate “modern rock” music/radio?

December 31, 2008

i was in a discussion last night with someone about the station 100.3 the edge, which is a local rock station here in Arkansas.  they were going through their usual modern rock junk list and playing Nickleback, Shinedown, Seether, Breaking Benjamins, Trapt, Hinder, 10 Years, etc., and all of a sudden “The Day I Tried To Live” by Soundgarden came on and I was like, “fuck yeah!” and the other fella turned it down and was dissapointed that this song came on the radio.  call me nostalgic, but wasn’t music so much better 10 years ago?  hell, 20 years ago?

and i got to thinking, on modern rock radio stations, we are NEVER going to hear the BETTER new bands.  the GOOD new bands.  the music that is both experimental but also moving.  music that is new, but GOOD.  there’s a huge difference between Seether and The New Pornographers.  Seether was formed in 1999, The New Pornographers (henceforth referred to as TNP) were formed in 1997.  so about the same time.  which band do you hear most of on the radio?  Seether.  which band would I like to hear more from?  TNP.  simply because one band [Seether] sounds the same in EVERY SINGLE F’ING SONG they play.  TNP?  Original.  i’ll give you a list of bands I would like to hear more of on the radio that i know i will NEVER hear more of.

Authority Zero
Bob Schneider
Dropkick Murphys
Flogging Molly
The New Pornographers
The Zutons
Jonathan Coulton
The Bravery
Simon Dawes
The Human Abstract
The Mooney Suzuki
Vampire Weekend
Band of Horses

there’s a very SMALL list of new and new-ish bands that i LOVE but i know i’ll never see on the radio.  and why?  i think the media is scared to put this new music out there to shake up the ground that recycled, unoriginal modern rock has a foothold on. to promote these new bands and the new “indie” style would hurt the pop image that these modern rock bands have.  the “emo culture”, the “emo style”, all of that would be in jeopardy if bands of guys who looked like you and me were to take the center stage.

none of these mainstream bands will ever be able to even tread in the same water that the greatest bands of all time have.  they won’t be able to pave new roads like the greatest bands of all time.   do you think in 10 years anyone will give a FUCK about breaking benjamins?  but they’ll sure as hell remember “kashmir”, by led zep.  do you think in 15 years anyone will remember being “moved” by “lips of an angel”?  no.  hell to the no.  but they’ll remember the way they felt the first time they heard “freebird”. will anyone remember being excited to RUSH OUT and buy a new shinedown cd?  no.  but they’ll remember waiting in line for HOURS for “out of time” by REM.  it’s already been proven what bands will stand the test of time.

anyone remember Eiffel 65, Crazy Town, Fountains of Wayne, All Saints, and Afroman?  examples of some one hit wonder bands.  but when they were out, the radio played the SHIT out of them.  if modern radio would just devote some time into exploring the indie genre/”nu-rock” genre, i wouldn’t want to drive my car into the Arkansas River everytime i stumble across 100.3 the edge and hear “beautiful” by 10 years.  i’m growing weary of uninspired, unoriginal, recycled modern rock pop/emo GARBAGE.

maybe someday the scene will change into one of people who truly appreciate music and wants to see music explored and developed to it’s full potential instead of settling on a “blah” style that we’re stuck with now and FLYING IT INTO THE FUCKING GROUND ON A PLANE FROM BULLSHIT AIRWAYS.  instead i want us to set sail on a boat away from the mainland of pop culture and explore new lands, find new islands of music we never thought we’d discover and embrace it instead of turning away from it and embracing the mainland bullshit.  i don’t think that’s much to ask.